Numero 8 | Café Brown



The perfect tiny purse for your date night. Leave your wallet at home, grab your favorite lipstick, your ID, your debit card (always) your appetite and sassiness because that's all will fit in Numero 8.

It's all in the details and quality... You need this tiny and pretty little thing. 

    • High quality Soft PU Leather
    • Width: 4" Height 3 " D:1.25 D"
    • Also available in Green & Crème



Actual product color may vary from the images shown. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. Lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's color. In addition, NK uses filter for aesthetic purposes. 

Dimensions (W X D X H)

This the measurement of the product's width, depth and height. Width is the measure of the product's front (i.e. the distance between its two sides when viewed from the front). Depth is the external measurement from the front to the back of the product and height is the outer measurement of the product from its base to the top.

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