Do you love wearing Nicole Kaine ? Do you want to be involved with an amazing brand? Then join our army of brand ambassadors.

We appreciate you considering becoming a NK Brand Ambassador. Whether you are an accomplished blogger or our best customer, your involvement and time are cherished. You inspire us, and we strongly believe in your capability to inspire others, that’s why we want to be a part of your journey and you, a part of ours.

The Program

Our goal is to help empower you to continue to do what you love while helping us build our brand and social awareness in your community. Our Brand Ambassadors program is an opportunity to grow with us while promoting a brand that you love and truly believe in and want to share with those around you. We have designed a program that rewards you for reaching your goals.

No purchase necessary!

Some of The Perks:

  • We hook you up with your own promo code to share with your followers, friends and family.
  • We thank you in cash as well; yes cash not store credit, not points but a check in the mail, CHA-CHING! For every 5 purchases made with your promo code, you earn $25. So the more you promote and share your code, the more cash you earn.
  • Freebies from us such as clothing, accessories and more for every 15 purchases made with your code**
  • Exclusively sponsored parties, meet and greets for your fans/followers.
  • Exclusive sponsored  giveaway to help you celebrate milestones and so much more.
  • Our Brand Ambassadors get the chance to rub shoulders with top influencers at major cool events.
  • A chance to win free trips and travel with us to amazing countries for our #WanderwithNK campaigns.
  • Our top Brand Ambassadors will get the opportunity to collaborate with NK, come up with products and be the face of their own collection.
  •  Brand Ambassadors with over 50K followers gets a dedicated page on our website that features their bios, blogs, photos and social media channels.
  • Dedicated in-house Ambassador Support team

Some of The Responsibilities:

Nicole Kaine gets invited to many events but since we can’t be everywhere we count on you to represent the brand if an event is taking place in your area.

  • Promote Nicole Kaine and engage your social networks with NK related content ( Commit to at least 3 posts/stories a month)
  • Keep up with Nicole Kaine’s news and provide feedbacks.
  • Attend Fashion shows, trade shows, brunches, and other networking functions on our behalf.
  • Occasionally host pop-ups, bloggers/influencers brunches, customer appreciation parties and charity events for NK in your area.
  • Interview beauty gurus, fashion leaders and provide content for our blog.
  • Occasionally take over our Instagram, twitter or snapchat.

What kind of person are we looking for?

We’re looking for outgoing and driven babes with a love for fashion, their city, friends, and family and of course Starbucks, pizza, donuts & puppies!  Just like our NK girls, the NK babe is very hip and trendy with a very sophisticated mindset. She is confident, a dreamer and a go getter. She works hard and plays even harder. When time permits, she jet sets around the world to get lost and wander. We are looking for vibrant spirits that radiate nothing but good and happy vibes.

Are You Ready to connect?

Please complete this application for a chance to join the program. Program recruitment happens on a quarterly basis, and a program representative will follow up with you if you are chosen.

Have questions about something you read? Email

** At this time Nicole Kaine does not ship outside of the US, therefore we are only accepting U.S. based Brand Ambassadors. Our team is working vigorously to make this option available soon.